Chandeliers & Lampshades

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Barocco Jet Black Chandeliers LIG9
Hand Polished 100% Hand Blown Venetian Crystal

Lights: 18 LIGHTS- 2 TIERS                Size:  H.40" W.32"     150 lbs
Lights: 30 LIGHTS- 2 TIERS                Size:  H.46" W.46"     250 lbs

Sophia Crystal Chandeliers LIG10
100% Hand Blow Murano Venetian Crystal Chandelier

Size: H.25" W.24"     5 LIGHTS                     25 lbs
Size: H.30" W.28"     12 LIGHTS / 2 TIERS     100 lbs
Size: H.38" W.32"     17 LIGHTS / 2 TIERS     125 lbs

Lumiere Crystal Chandeliers LIG7

Unique Selection of Hand Polished 100% Hand Blown Venetian Crystal in Assorted Colors
5 Light    23" W x 26"h    20 lbs
7 Light    27" W x 37"h    30 lbs                          

Clear Crystal, Amethyst, Snow White, Jet Black, Ruby Red, Chocolate, Lime, Bubblegum, Smoke
Golden Splendor LIG11
100% Hand Blow GOLDEN TEAK Crystal Chandelier

Size: H.30" W.28"     12 LIGHTS      125 lbs
Size: H.48" W.32"     15 LIGHTS      135 lbs

Cascade LIG14
Cascading 100% Crystal Bubble Chandelier with LED Pin spotting, Silver plated finish

Size: H.90" W.36"     22 LIGHTS      200 lbs

Clients are responsible for rigging, wiring, take down, and power supply for lighting fixtures as well as bulbs

Lumiere Mirrored Crystal Chandeliers LIG8

Unique One of A Kind Hand Polished 100% Hand Blown Venetian Crystal in a Metallic Mirrored Finish
Lights: 7 LIGHTS- Shades Not Included                                
Size:  H.30" W.26"

115 lbs

Oversized Two Tier Stainless Steel Chandelier with Metallic Silver Shades & Silver Crystal Prisms

33.88"x33.88"x45.31"        150 lbs
Del Ray -  LIG32

Whimsical yet Contemporary High Gloss White Chandelier

29.94"x29.94"34.28"    95 lbs
Baroque Acrylic Chandelier LIG38

All Acrylic Baroque Silhouette Five Light Chandelier
Available in Clear Acrylic, Mirrored, Black Acrylic, or Translucent Red

Operates with LED Candles or Glass Votives

Small    18" L x 18" w x 14" h
Large    35" L x 35" w x 26.5" h

Monaco Chandelier LIG40
100% CRYSTAL CHANDELIER Empire chandelier
Available with Gold or Silver Trim

9 Lights        Size: H30" W24"     110 lbs
14 Lights      Size: H50" W30"     125 lbs
18 Lights      Size: H50" W40"     140 lbs

Daisy Chandelier LIG41
A Whimsical Hand Cut Paper Daisy Chandelier
Creates Matching Patterns on Surfaces when Illuminated

16 1/8" W x 5 1/2"h x 29 1/5 L

Vintage Bird cage Chandelier LIG51

Overall: 27" diam., 46"H
Manila Rope: 3" diam., 24"L
Ceiling Plate: 8" diam.